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Coron Palawan: A Perfect Place For Vacation

Coron Palawan is located in the Philippines. Coron Island just has few population and most of them are the called natives of coron the Tagbanua tribe. The Tagbanua tribe is also the one who is taking care of its island. The Tagbanua tribe is making sure that they can still preserve the beauty of their island.Once you’ve visited the Philippines it’s a must that you have to visit a place like coron. This place is a quiet peaceful place. The locals of coron said, “coron is the most expensive travel in the Philippines.” There are two ways travelling to coron one is by a plane that takes 45mins. From Manila and the other one is by boat that takes 8hours also from Manila. I can agree with that because the airfare going to coron is about 100USD back and forth.

Swimming in Coron

They are also known for deep sea diving Japanese World War II underwater shipwrecks surrounded with magnificent coral reefs making it as one of the best dive spots in the world. When I saw coron it’s all worth a pause to enjoy the crystal clear water is the best for snorkelling, diving and swimming. The water in Kayangan Lake in coron is one of the favorite of the tourist because of its crystal clear water and it’s also known for one of the clearest water in asia. Aside from swimming, snorkelling, diving there are much more things to do in coron they also have a Hot Spring, that is privately owned with an entrance of 200pesos it’s a beautiful place especially at night you.



The Mt. Tapyas is known for its 700+ stepping stairs to the top, the long hike is worth it for the breathtaking view of the sunset and also you can see the top view of whole coron island, I do recommend hiking there at 5:30 am or 4 pm because going there will be more difficult if the sun is at its fullest. There is also one more place to hike in coron, which is Mt. Darala